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Voice Over Internet Protocal (VoIP) is an interesting technology and everyone is using it. In fact they are using it all over the world. VoIP is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over the Internet or other packet-switched networks. Other terms frequently encountered and synonymous with VoIP are IP telephony and Internet telephony, as well as voice over broadband, broadband telephony, and broadband phone, when the network connectivity is available over high speed Internet access.

VoIP systems usually interface with the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) to allow for transparent phone communications worldwide.

VoIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs by routing phone calls over existing data networks and avoiding duplicate network systems.

If your having trouble with any of the VoIP Providers listed below, please give us a call because we do have experienc with them and we'll be happy to assist in the resolution of the issue.

Skype and Vonage are the most notable service provider examples that have achieved widespread user and customer acceptance and market penetration.

Provider Listing of VoIP

  1. Brighthouse
  2. Comcast
  3. Vonage
  4. Skype
  5. Lightyear Alliance