Services / PC Upgrades


Are you unsure of whether your computer can handle the latest technology? How about which graphics card to choose from? Are you interested in updating your old parts with the latest and fastest technology? Is a bigger or newer hard drive better? Should I use IDE or Sata hard drive? What about 8 meg or cache 16 meg cache? Making decisions about technology can be quite confusing. Many people go out and buy a new computer but why pay out for that when you may be able to turn your current PC into a faster, more modern computer?

Possible Upgrade Services

  1. Computer Upgrade
  2. On Site Upgrade
  3. Laptop Upgrade
  4. Software Upgrades
  5. Hardware Upgrades
  6. Motherboard Upgrades
  7. CPU Upgrades
  8. Heatsink Upgrades
  9. Memory Upgrades
  10. Power Supply Upgrade
  11. CD-RW Upgrade
  12. Operating System Upgrade
  13. Memory Card Reader Upgrade
  14. Router Upgrade
  15. Graphics Card Upgrade
  16. Sound Card Upgrade
  17. TV Card Upgrade
  18. USB Pen Upgrade
  19. Fan Upgrades
  20. Case Upgrades
  21. Hard Drive Upgrade
  22. Network Card Upgrade
  23. USB External Drive Upgrade
  24. Monitor Upgrade