Services / Troubleshooting


So what kind of troubleshooting services can Your PC Paramedic, LLC provide me? We provide services in many areas and we can do so because of our versatility and many years of experience.

We troubleshoot PC's, servers, internet access issues, wired or wireless type connections, routers, communications, and network traffic problems.

We can help you with your networking issues whether it be a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network, that may include wired or wireless type connections. Some people have need to connect to their work via Virtual Private Network (VPN), and we can help with that also.

Also we can install cabling including phone wire, CAT5 and CAT6, and Fiber runs.

Internet connectivity is one of our specialties which may be via Full or Partial T1, CABLE MODEM, DSL MODEM, or Satellite MODEM.


Sick PC

Is your PC sick, maybe it has a VIRUS? Sometimes it's not a VIRUS but some type of MALWARE, but can have a devastating effect just the sam. Are you considering a new PC? Before bying a new PC consider having us troubleshoot the PC and cleaning it up. Troubleshooting PCs can be difficult for the average individual. Hardware may be the cause, like a faulty Power Supply, bad Hard Drive, Processor over heating, Motherboard failing, etc., etc. Give us a call for your PC sake!



Troubleshooting Servers are a big issue these days because they do everything for us. Our expertise includes Microsoft Windows Servers like Exchange and we troubleshoot, network design, and provide system administration, security audits and assist in IT emergencies.


Internet troubleshooting is can be frustrating for you, but we have the experience necessary for the issue. We have worked with most if not all of the internet providers in the area. "Bright House, Comcast, Verizon DSL, AT&T 2wire Modems" Give us a call and we'll have you up and surfing in no time.

Wired or Wireless

A few things to consider when thinking about how to set your internet access and LAN up are as follows: Reliability - Wired, Speed - Wired, Harder to hack - Wired, Ease of use - Wireless, Caution of Hackers - Wireless. All these issues should be considered prior to any final decision. Also it doesn't mean that if you use one resource that you can't use the other.


Wired and Wireless Routers are being used more and more every day and even by the local residential home owner. For the average individual, Routers are not the easiest thing to set up or to make more secure. Please give us a call when your time comes to trouble shooting these devices. I'm finding that on average 38% to 40% of all residential Routers are un-secure.