One of the greatest rewards while working in this business is the
"On The Spot Testimonies" we hear from our customers.

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The Good !

Just What I Needed!

"Just what I needed. The PC Paramedic came in, got right to work-quickly diagnosed the problem, and solved it! I would say to anyone- with this doctor- you don't need a 2nd opinion!!"

— Ray H., CEO Co-Founder, Truth@Work Ministry

They Did A Great Job!

"They did a great job with cleaning up each of my PC's and reconfigured the network so that all my PC's could see and share files with one another. They also secured our wireless communicatoins."

— Randy S., President, The Ransdal Corporation

Resolved The Problem Quickly!

"Very helpful. Explained the problems in an easy to understand way and resolved the problem quickly! A pleasure to do business with!"

— Gregreory H., — Cable Industry


The Bad !

  1. Forgot one aspect of cleaning up a virus, but they came back and rectified the issue


The Indifferent !

  1. Performance and capacity management


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