Testimonies / Submission Guidelines

Read Before Submitting:

  1. Recognize that we will not publish any foul language, but we will publish your statements to the best of our ability without offending any readers
  2. We will not publish personal information like phone numbers or last names unless we first get authorization from you directly
  3. Please try to be brief with your statement
  4. Keep in mind that the reason people would like your input is to get an advantage in making a decision to hire the right professionals
  5. We will probably get around to publishing everything at one time or another, but because of the numerous submittals, we will try to keep the number at a minimal
  6. You will retain the right to pull any comment submitted for publishing
  7. By submitting the information, you are giving us the right to publish it.
  8. Please fill in all information; basic stuff, "Date, Statement, Co. Name, Your Name.

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