So what kind of services can Your PC Paramedic, LLC provide me? We provide services in many areas and we can do so because of our versatility and many years of experience.

We troubleshoot PC's, servers, internet access issues, wired or wireless type connections, routers, communications, and network traffic problems.

We can help you with your networking issues whether it be a Local Area or Wide Area Network, that may include wired or wireless type connections. Some people have need to connect to their work via Virtual Private Network (VPN), give us a call and we'll help you out.

Also we can install cabling including phone wire, CAT5 and CAT6, and Fiber runs.

Internet connectivity is one of our specialties which may be via CABLE, DSL, Satellite or Full or Partial T1.

We also design, install and configure your systems as needed.

Are you considering a new PC or Server? Consider upgrading prior to spending where it isn't needed.

Consulting is an on going process by which we provide some of our insight to you so that you may make better decisions and have a better outcome.