Introduction of Our Rates

Entry Level

So you say, "what is it going to cost me?" Troubleshooting a network, communications, the internet, a file or application server or just a PC can be time consuming. Time is not money as some would like to equate but it does cost for an experienced individual as ourselves to evaluate and come to a resolution to the problem that may be at hand. Without an Assurance Plan the cost may be as little as $120 or it could add up to many hours. Assurance Plans are the better way to go when it comes to spending your money.


Rates Relative to Other Businesses

Our present hourly rates, which are $80/hour, are on the low end when compare our rate to other companies that provide same or similar services. Although we are not the lowest priced company in the area, we are also not the most expensive company in the area when comparing available experienced personnel. We believe that we provide the best experienced personnel for the job.