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Welcome to our news overview web page. This is where you can read up on our Latest & Greatest news stories.

The Latest

The latest information is that we are in the process of upgrading our web page to reflect our latest marketing endevours. We speicifically are introducing Assurance Plans into the business community for the purpose of informing our customers that the better way of doing business by maintaining the IT Systems on a regular basis.

The Greatest

The greatest feature that we have added to our services is the ability to remotely provide desktop services. This a great feature for those who have at least the ability to access the internet via highspeed Cable Modems, DSL Modems, or T1 or Partial T1.

Missionary Work

We provide free services to missionaies on a regular basis and also to our directly relates churches. You can read about some of the testimonies from these people on our website. More ...

Public Services

We provide free public services to our Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Paramedics. We will try to accomodate those people who have computer issues at rate of at least one per week. More...

SBA Certification

We are in the process of becoming certified with the Small Business Association and with our United States Government as a Central Contrator Registrant. This is an on going process and will take some time and money.