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One of the most important services we offer is a full Information Technology Audit. Stop wondering if your technology dollars are really doing all they can for you! Is your Internet service fast enough? Is it just good enough or cheap enough, or do you prefer that your company excels beyond your competition? Find out whether your computers are making you money or costing you money? Are your current providers doing everything they should for you? These questions and more can be answered in a Technology Audit!

A typical YPCP IT-Audit includes a comprehensive study of the Network Infrastructure and Windows servers. A presentation and written report are delivered to the customer at the conclusion of the audit, which includes our findings and our recommendations.   YPCP recommendations are generally provided in two classes, "Quick Critical Wins" and "Eventual Main Stay". The "Quick Critical Wins" identify those suggested actions that can be completed with limited effort and expense. The second "Eventual Main Stay" class offers more strategic recommendations and includes at some level, a recommended IT infrastructure architecture.

The Network Audit

The Server Audit