Enterprise Level - Assurance Plan

The Enterprise Assurance Plan is for you if you are a long established business with 5 to 50 PC's and you can't do without your computers to run the business. Any business that relies on their computers this heavily for their day to day operation should consider the Enterprise Assurance Plan for the best and most reliable service contingency available. You can have Peace of Mind and be assured that each of your personal computers and servers will be maintained on a regularly scheduled basis and a report of the activities will delivered to the company on a monthly basis.


The biggest benefit of the Enterprise Level Assurance Plan is that their is a consistent routine maintenance performed on the computers. Just like a well maintained airplane, car, or motorcycle if you regularly maintain these items, you will be more satisfied with the reliability you get from them, which is a big plus when it comes to your business.


The drawback is that this is the most costly of the plans, but this is the best Assurance Plan available and the benefits far outweigh this drawback.

Rate for the Enterprise Level Assurance Plan

My standard rates are as follows. The initial consultation fee is $40 for the preparation and travel time and a minimum of 1.5 hours charge per PC at our normal rate which is $80/hr. The total cost of $160 per PC is for the initial setup, cleanup and preparation for follow up visits. Not only will we do an evaluation of the PC's at the time of the consultation but we will also clean up any and all found temp files, malware, addware, and viruses. The initial evaluation and cleanup of the PC's always takes the longest for the first contact with the computers. The subsequent following visits on average will only take 20 to 30 minutes. This includes checking Critical Updates, verification of updated anti-virus software, cleanup of addware, spyware, and or malware; cleanup and removal of all temporary files, and finally the initiation of the defragmentation of hard drives.

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