Services / Design

Design by Paper

When it comes to design, it best to use someone with experience. We can design PCs, Workstations, Servers, and a network infrastructure just for your specific needs. On other occasions we may recommend off the shelf well know brands that will fit your needs. Proper Network Design is just one of the keys to maximize efficiency and information flow. From needs analysis to final implementation, Your PC Paramedic can meet all your LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) needs.

PCs Designed To Your Specifications


Are you considering a new PC? We can design the PC just to your specifications. There are sometimes special issues that need met. Give us a chance to design one just for those specific needs.


You may have noticed that the PC/Workstation to the right is taking up space for both the PC and Workstation. We did this on purpose because most of the time either one may look like the other but the difference is on the inside. We can design these just for your specific needs, or help you order one off the shelf that is just right for you..

Servers Designed For The Small Business or Enterprise

Basic Server Rackmount Servers

Designing Servers for our Small Business customers and the Enterprise size customers is very rewarding. Your PC Paramedic, LLC enjoys interacting with their customers because we have a great relationship and the out come of our designs reflect our need to meet our customers needs for the present and for the future.

Company LAN Infrastructure

Co. Insfrastructure

A few things to consider when thinking about how to set up your internet access and LAN are as follows: Reliability - Wired, Speed - Wired, Harder to hack - Wired, Ease of use - Wireless, Caution of Hackers - Wireless. All these issues should be considered prior to any final decision. Also it doesn't mean that if you use one resource that you can't use the other.

WAN Infrastructure

WAN Infrastructure

Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure design usually involves more logistical issues than Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure designs, by their very nature. This will definitely involve multiple engineers at multiple locations liaison with client staff or with the industry partners. Preparation is most often vital to the success in the design and implementation of the infrastructure.