What's included in the 1st Half Hour

Entry Level

In addition to the support provided within the 1st half hour there is also a charge for the trip that includes preparation of materials possibly needed just for this issue at hand, research and evaluation of troubleshooting techniques. Our price for the 1st half hour of service is $80 and then after that, the standard of $80/hour until completion.

Completed In 1st Half Hour / Not Always

Not all of our customers jobs can be completed within their first half hour. If it takes more time to compete the job beyond the first half hour is from the complexity of the problem or the importance of doing the job right to begin with and being very thorough. We don't like being called back to finish a job that should have been finished / completed the first time around because of mistakes or not being thorough. It reflects badly on us if this happens. We can say that over the past 5 years this type of incident has only happened once, and we eat the cost for the time spent correcting the issue.